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 Company Profile

NuLiv Lifestyle was founded in 1997 by two brothers, Michael and Austin. Their goal was to combine proven Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies with modern science. To accomplish this, NuLivLifestyle has its own research laboratories and team of researchers trained in microbiology, chemistry, TCM and nutrition. NuLiv Lifestyle markets proven, evidence based supplements. NuLiv Lifestyle is the retail subsidiary of NuLiv Science. We opened our online store in 2004.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to the research and development of safe and effective nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products through a unique platform of integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern science protocols.

By incorporating accepted scientific and clinical research protocols in its verification and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, NuLivLifestyle produces safe, effective and consistent quality supplements.

Why NuLivLifestyle Supplements?

Double Quality Control for Clean, What You See is What You Get Supplements.

Our PhytoMonitor™ Double Quality System assures our consumers that they get exactly what is stated on the supplement labels. Every single batch is tested for heavy metals, pesticides and yeast & mold. Samples are also tested by independent third party laboratories for additional quality control on a annual basis...<see more>

Science-Based, Clinically Researched

NuLiv takes pride in its science-based research platform. Our own R&D laboratory and partnerships with leading research centers and universities allow us to constantly screen and test plants and their active compounds for possible applications in human health. We actively fund research at Harvard University, Taiwan National Defense University and Shanghai University.

NuLiv's research laboratory is staffed with scientists who are trained in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have a full time research staff of 5, in addition to access to numerous expert consultants.

NuLiv supplements are clinically validated at Taiwan National Defense University and by independent, third party laboratories such as the Oregon Department of Agriculture (for heavy metals and pesticides).

Full Spectrum Nutrients from Nature

Our ingredients contain the full spectrum nutrients of the original plants, in their most natural & synergistic states. Our processing technology ensure you receive the entire spectrum of bio-available nutrients, highly absorbable and utilizable by the human body...<see more>

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OBPS™ supports healthy blood pressure levels
OBSS™ Maintains Healthy Glucose Levels, Helps Increase Body's Sensitivity to Insulin and Helps Cells Become More Receptive to Insulin CardioXine™ Supports Normal 
Cholesterol, HDL, 
and LDL Levels
OsteoSine, the Best Bone Builder to Manage Bone Loss and Osteoporosis
SleepWell helps you have a Good Night's Sleep and a Refreshing and Energizing Morning.

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