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Clinical studies on OsteoSine™

When we searched for natural remedies for osteoporosis,we found that many products lacked clinical evidence. So when we developed OsteoSine™, we tested the active compound thoroughly before bringing it to market. Please review the summaries below for a more detailed look at the science behind OsteoSine™.

In vitro (cell) study on OsteoSine™

Osteoclasts formation is regulated by RANKL (Receptor Activator for Nuclear Factor k B Ligand), M-CSF (Macrophage Colony-stimulating factor) and oddly enough, by osteoblasts. If the number and activity of osteoblasts exceed the number and activity of osteoclasts, naturally, the buildup of new bones will exceed the breakdown of old bones.

In Nuliv's in vitro study, a significant increase of osteoblasts were observed compared to the control. We are not certain about the exact mechanism but we hypothesize that OsteoSine™ influences RANKL and M-CSF, which are natural growth factors. With natural remedies for osteoporosis, the science will never be exact, at least when compared to prescription drugs.

In vivo (animal) study on OsteoSine complex™

In NuLivLifestyle's two in vivo (animal) studies on OsteoSine™, we simulated two different models to resemble real life Osteoporosis conditions. The two models are the PO (post-overiectomized) and the RA (Retinoic acid-induced acute osteoporosis). The PO model equates to menopause and post menopause women, and the RA model represents a none gender and age independent model. The RA model also simulates full blown osteoporosis in the study subjects.

In the RA (accelerated bone loss) model, the effect of OsteoSine ™ on s-SGP, b-ALP, S-TRAP, and s-Ca; bone ash weight, bone ash calcium and phosphate weight; and spine and femoral head weight (g/cm2), average trabecular bone surface and width were studied and measured. A significant increase in all the of the study variables were observed.

natural remedies for osteoporosis

In the PO (decreased hormone) model, the effect of OsteoSine Complex™ on changes in weight in lumber spine and femoral head; bone ash, bone ash calcium and phosphate weight were studied and measured. Again, statistically significant positive results give you the assurance that out of all the natural remedies for osteoporosis, OsteoSine™ is backed by the best research.

The results of these studies give NuLivLifestyle absolute confidence that OsteoSine™ will work for the vast majority of people who take it. Compared to other natural remedies for osteoporosis, Osteosine™ comes with proven science. In fact, we are willing to offer a ONE YEAR money back guarantee for any one who is committed to taking OsteoSine™ on a regular basis.

Human results on OsteoSine™

In the last 5 years since NuLiv started offering OsteoSine™ to the public, it has received before-after DEXA scan reports from actual customers from all over the world. We have listed a small sample of all the scans received from our happy and loyal customers. Click to see OsteoSine™ success stories.

Safety of OsteoSine™

The plants from which OsteoSine™ is extracted from have been safely used for centuries in East Asia. In addition to the efficacy studies listed above, NuLivLifestyle has also completed acute, sub-acute, LD50, and mutagenicity studies on OsteoSine™.

These are the standard tests required for all new pharmaceutical drugs and new dietary ingredients applications to the FDA. The toxicity studies demonstrate that OsteoSine™ is extremely safe at the recommended dosage levels. Many other natural remedies for osteoporosis don't bother with safety & toxicity testing.

Benefit of other ingredients found in OsteoSine™

Vitamin D3: for calcium absorption.
Vitamin K2: bone proteins are dependent on vitamin K for their synthesis.
Calcium: a basic building material for bone matrix.
Magnesium: critical to calcium utilization.
Zinc: important for calcium uptake.
Copper: aids in the formation of bone.
Manganese: vital in mineral metabolism.
Boron: improves calcium absorption.

How and Where Can I Get OsteoSine™?

Shipping is only $4.95 for any U.S. order. All purchase comes with 90-day money back guarantee!

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OsteoSine, Natural support for Osteoporosis

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