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OsteoSine™ FAQ

Questions from Actual Customers.

Q: I took one cap OsteoSine 2x a day with my regular calcium. Do you really think it's necessary to take calcium with OsteoSine?

If you are getting 1,500 mg calcium from your foods, you don't need to take any extract calcium supplement. If not, extra calcium will be helpful. OsteoSine contains 200 mg of calcium per veggie pill.

Q: I looked at different supports for osteoporosis. Does your OsteoSine work the same as Boniva?

Boniva is a bisphosphonate in that it binds to cells that break down bone. OsteoSine works in a similar fashion but with one important difference. OsteoSine not only slows down the cells that cause bone breakdown but also increases bone building cell activity.

Q: I am in a wheelchair due to a spinal injury and have developed severe osteoporosis, I have tried Boniva and Forteo and my body can't tolerate the side effects. I was wondering if your product has been used by any Spinal cord injured patients. I am very active and ride a Functional Electrical Stimulation bike and work out with weights daily and my diet is very strict. I didn't know if Osteosine would be a possible natural replacement for Boniva and or Forteo.

There are multiple supports for Osteoporosis. From calcium magnesium supplements to strontium, you have many options. However, OsteoSine may be the only natural plant based supplement in the market that has gone through 1 in vitro (test tube), and 2 in vivo (animal) studies to show that it can stop bone loss and even reverse it. There are literally thousands of OsteoSine users in the US and around the world who rely on it's safe, long term effectiveness. Please check out OsteoSine Testimonials page for success stories and DEXA scan results. We've had only 3 returns in the last 7 years!

Q: Is OsteoSine a good alternative for Fosamax?

Let one of our customers answer your question, the following is her reply without any change: "I am attaching the last 2 DexaScan reports that I have had made - the last one showing results as 'stable'. I had taken Fosamax for over 12 years, but each year, my dexa scan continued to show decrease in bone density, until the last report, taken March 7, 2007. This report was taken after taking OsteoSine since November 2006. I was more than satisfied with the results and would like to continue taking OsteoSine and therefore am requesting a supply of 9 free bottles, as per your agreement." - B. B., Wilmore, KY

Q: What's the maximum dosage amount. How soon can I see improvements?

Bone building is a long, slow process. Popular natural solutions like calcium magnesium supplements take years. More advanced supports for osteoporosis generally take months. We recommend checking your bone density after 6 months or more on OsteoSine. For advanced cases of Osteoporosis, we recommend a dosage of 4 capsules a day.

Q: Is OsteoSine™ safe?

The natural compounds in OsteoSine™ have been safely used for centuries in East Asia. The other ingredients in OsteoSine™ the essential vitamins and minerals, are found in all types of food and are the necessary nutrients for good health. OsteoSine™ is extremely safe to use at our recommended dosage levels. Thousands of customers have been taking OsteoSine™ over the last 5 years without one reported side effect.

Q: Are there any problems shipping Osteosine to Canada? If I order, will I receive the product?

Yes, you will receive the product. We have quite a few Canadian customers. It may need 1-2 weeks for you to receive your order as it takes time for your Custom Service to review and release any import shipment.

Q: What is OsteoSine™?

OsteoSine™ is an advanced bone formula containing a natural and research-validated phyto complex;. OsteoSine™ is also formulated with essential vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to help maintain normal bone health. More than a calcium magnesium supplement, it actually solves the issue of bone loss at the very root.

The ingredients in OsteoSine™ affect different yet interconnected mechanisms of bone health; maintaining the normal bone formation and bone resorption processes, the normal calcium absorption process and the normal bone structuring process*.

Q: What is in OsteoSine™?

The key ingredient in OsteoSine™ is special phyto complex isolated from Cuscuta chinensis, Eucommia ulmoides, Astragalus membranaceous and Rehmannia glutinosa by a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and formulation process only available from NuLiv. These plants have been known for their benefits in maintaining normal bone health and as supports for osteoporosis in native cultures. The other ingredients in OsteoSine™ are the essential vitamins and minerals that have been shown to be beneficial in maintain normal bone health as well.

Q: How does OsteoSine™ work?

OsteoSine™ contains phyto compounds, such as flavonoids, quercetin, keampferol and others. These phyto compounds have been shown to help maintain normal bone rebuilding (remodeling) bone formation and bone resorption processes.

The formation process initiates the production of Osteoblast cells which form new bones. The bone resoprton process initiates the Osteoclast cells which break down old bones. As we grow older, our body produces less Osteoblast cells and consequently less new bones and more Osteoclast cells and consequently more old bones are lost. The ability to maintain a normal rebuilding process is the key to OsteoSine™'s effectiveness in providing outstanding results*. No calcium of any form has this unique property.

For those who are taking any form of calcium supplements, try OsteoSine™. The results of OsteoSine™ are supported by actual DEXA reports from consumers that have been taking OsteoSine! OsteoSine is effective for those that are have osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Q: How does OsteoSine™ differs from other supports for osteoporosis?

OsteoSine™ maintains normal calcium absorption from the blood stream and supports the normal bone rebuilding process. This dual mode action is different from what other supports for osteoporosis such as calcium and Vitamin D alone can do. Many popular calcium products such as Caltrate or other calcium magnesium supplements focus exclusively on calcium's function.

More importantly, OsteoSine™ has ZERO side effects.

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How and Where Can I Get OsteoSine™?

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OsteoSine may Reverse Osteoporosis. See Real Hospital Reports.
OsteoSine, Natural support for Osteoporosis

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