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SleepWell™ FAQ, Questions from our Customers

Q: Tell me more about the sleep cycle?

The sleep cycle includes 4 stages of sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep:

Stage 1: Light Sleep transition between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by slow rolling eye movements. Stage 2: Decreased Sensory Awareness. Stage 3 & 4: Slow Wave Sleep or Deep Sleep. No eye movements or muscle activity. Heart and respiratory rates are very slow.

The last, REM sleep: Raid Eye Movement heart and respiratory rates increase, muscle twitches. This is when most vivid dreams occur.

Q: Do you know what is causing my sleep problem? I'm not stressed out at work or at home, but still have trouble falling asleep.

There are so many factors that multiple visits to specialist might be required to pinpoint the exact cause. Lifestyle (eating late, jet lag, hunger, alcohol, caffeine, stimulant drugs), environment (noise, uncomfortable bed or bedroom), physical health problems (sleep apnea, asthma, tinnitus, pain, prostate problems indigestion), psychological (stress, grief), mental health problem (depression, anxiety) and medications can all contribute to sleep problem. Likewise, insomnia may occur when none of the above is present. This is known as 'primary' insomnia.

Q: I am a Chiropractic Physician and am very interested in your product, 'Sleepwell'. I have many patients who suffer with insomnia and various sleep difficulties. I would like to know what type of positive feedback and reports you are receiving from your customers who are using this product.

Thank you for your email. Sleep Well came out around June of 2007. To clarify, SleepWell is not an otc sleeping pill. It is a well researched natural supplement with a proprietary herbal blend and a proprietary fungi extract Xylaria nigripes. Xylaria nigripes has gone through a dozen or so in vitro, in vivo, and human clinical trials and demonstrated that it can enhance the glutamic acid and gamma aminobutyric acid receptor levels in the brain to exert a gentle tranquilizing effects on the central nerve system.

We have received success stories from customers and doctors alike who were looking for alternatives to otc sleeping pill. We have noticed through our customer feedback that SleepWell works for about 8 out of 10. It will not work for everyone. Please see a letter which was sent from one of our SleepWell users. SleepWell enhances the quality of sleep so one can sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Q: Does SleepWell™ help produce gamma aminobutyric acid?

The extracts found in SleepWell™ contain gamma aminobutyric acid, glutamic acid and glutamate decarboxylase. In addition, the extracts facilitate uptake of gamma aminobutyric acid which then mediates brain activity.

Q: What is SleepWell™? Is it the same as an otc sleeping pill?

SleepWell™ is a proprietary triple action formula designed to help people maintain normal, healthy sleep, mood and mental clarity.

SleepWell™'s unique formulation addresses all stages of sleep cycle with targeted natural plant compounds to support and enhance the quality of each of these stages. SleepWell™ has been formulated to improve the overall quality of sleep so one can fully recover from the physical and mental stress on his body and mind.

SleepWell™ is not an otc sleeping pill so it may not help one falls asleep fast. As an all-natural sleep aid, you many need to take SleepWell™ for a week or two before experiencing its full effect.

Q: What's in SleepWell™?

SleepWell™ combines the best of the traditional medicines around the world and the latest scientific discoveries into one highly effective and safe nature sleep supplement.

SleepWell™ contains the well known nature plants, Hops, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Valerian, Angelica, Zizyphus, and Polygala that are used in different cultures for centuries to promote better sleep. SleepWell™ also contains three well researched compounds, Melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine. Each of these compounds exerts specific benefits in promoting good and sound sleep.

Finally, SleepWell™ contains a clinically researched ingredient Wulinshen Prime™ extracted from the Xylaria Nigripes fungi by a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and formulation process. Wulinshen Prime™ contains significant amount of glutamic acid, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate decarboxylase. It is well established that glutamic acid assists the uptake of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) to specific brain cell receptors. Gamma aminobutyric acid's main function is to inhibit excitatory neuro-activities to exert a tranquilizing effect on the central nerve system. Glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) is involved in the synthesis of gamma aminobutyric acid.

Q: Does SleepWell work for all types of sleep disorders?

SleepWell™'s unique formulation addresses many sleep issues. The proprietary ingredient in SleepWell™, Wulinshen Prime™, possesses the ability to facilitate the entry of glutamic acid and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) into the brain to activate the gamma aminobutyric acid receptors and exerts its sedative and sleep-promoting and mood-elevating properties.

Q: Is SleepWell™ safe? What about side effects?

All ingredients in SleepWell™ have been used in Eastern and Western cultures for centuries and have also been reported from numerous pharmacological studies to be extremely safe, especially at the comparatively low dosages included in SleepWell™. SleepWell, unlike another major otc sleeping pill, is not habit-forming.

Q: How is SleepWell™ different from other sleep products?

SleepWell™ is NOT a prescription drug nor an otc sleeping pill. SleepWell™ will not cause drowsiness and that foggy and grogginess feeling caused by other sleeping aids. You wake up totally refreshed and energized after taking SleepWell™. SleepWell™ is a natural sleep aid supplement that is both highly effective and safe in correcting the complex and complicated underlying imbalances associated with many type of sleep problems.

SleepWell™ may extend the duration of both the Slow Wave Sleep and the Total sleep time, increase the amount of deep sleep, and improve overall quality of sleep so one wakes up recharged and relaxed. Many of our customers also tell us that SleepWell™ gives them a sense of calm.

SleepWell™'s mode of action is to maintain normal brain chemistry at an equilibrium state similar to those with the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly by increasing the supply and uptake of glutamic acid, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate decarboxylase. Because of SleepWell™ unique ability to make a more long lasting change in brain chemistry rather than forcefully changing it temporarily like an otc sleeping pill, there are no side effects.

Q: Can I still be fully awake after taking SleepWell™?

Yes, you can, especially when your mind is not unwinding. But when you do fall asleep, you will sleep sounder and wake up with a refreshing feeling and a sense of well-being, not like when you take an prescription drug or otc sleeping pill. Remember, SleepWell™'s mode of action is to maintain normal brain chemistry at an equilibrium state similar to those with the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly through the increasing supply and uptake of many essential nutrients in the brain, particularly glutamic acid, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate decarboxylase.

How and Where Can I Get SleepWell™?

Shipping is only $4.95 for any U.S. order. All purchase comes with 90-day money back guarantee!

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