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Success Stories from our customers. Please read disclaimer at bottom of page. Benefits & results may vary.

  • Better heart health profile across the board.

    "I ran out of CardioXine and started to worry about my cholesterol numbers. Called them and was able to get new bottles. I found out about their 6 month program and got 6 bottles of CardioXine for free in exchange for my lipid panel from Kaiser." - Taunya C.

  • better cholesterol numbers reduce triglycerides safely

  • Reduce Triglycerides by 59% in 2 months!

    "I initially became interested in CardioXine due to my significant drop in my HDL cholesterol. 3 weeks after using this product my levels went from 23 to 46! This is great news to someone with my heart condition! I am excited to do another blood test because I also noticed other , levels of my cholesterol improving! Thank you!" - J. Joseph

  • reduce triglycerides naturally reduce triglycerides safely

  • Increasing hdl cholesterol naturally!

    "I couldn't get access to my old test results but I can tell you that my HDL increased from 42 to 60 since I've been taking CardioXine. My total cholesterol also dropped by 14 points." - R. Antonio

  • increasing hdl cholesterol naturally

  • CardioXine helped with E. M.'s LDL, HDL Cholesterol and CPK!

    "This seems to show that Cardioxine is reducing the total CL, increase the good one, reduce the bad one and bring cpk back to the normal range." - G. M., E. M.'s daughter, France (See the letter)

  • Cholesterol Test (Total CL, HDL, LDL) Report before using CardioXine Cholesterol Test (Total CL, HDL, LDL) Report after using CardioXine

  • CardioXine helped with M. W.'s cholesterol and LDL and maintained normal Coronary Risk Ratio.

    "I have been struggling my entire life with high cholesterols. I have tried many supplements for years and nothing seems to work. I am really happy and excited that CardioXine works for me. Thank you, NuLiv Lifestyle!"
    - M. W., Rowland Hts, CA

  • Letter from CardioXine user, M.W. Cholesterol report from M.W. before using CardioXine Cholesterol report from M.W. before after CardioXine

  • CardioXine helped with S. K.'s cholesterol, triglyceride and homocysteine levels!

    "My doctor has seen this (report) and was happy with results."
    "Enclosed copies of blood test to show how good your product is for me."
    - S. K., Pensacola, FL

  • S. K.'s cholesterol, triglyceride and homocysteine report before using CardioXine S. K.'s cholesterol, triglyceride and homocysteine report after using CardioXine

    Learn more about CardioXine:
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    Description & Ingredients

    Background Info on Heart Health
    Efficacy & Safety Studies on CardioXine

    CardioXine FAQ

  • "After taking it for one year..."- K. B., Watertown NY

    "I have been taking OsteoSine since 2010. After taking it for one year, I had another bone density test done that showed an increase in next exam will be in October of 2016." - K.B., Watertown NY

  • M. R. dexa scan results DexaScan report before taking OsteoSine

  • N. A.'s dexa scan results!
  • "Thank you to the staff at NuLiv. I have been taking OsteoSine for a little over two years, and my latest dexa scan in June 2008 showed a marked improvement in my bone density. I am a 62 year old female and I was so happy with the results. The density in my lumbar spine increased 1.3%, my total hip increased 6.2%, and my femoral neck increased 11.9%! I am very, very pleased. I take OsteoSine twice a day, I exercise, take a multivitamin, calcium, and vitamin D3 1000 IU. My belief is that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and natural substances provided by nature are the best healing agents. Thank you for giving us this alternative to conventional drugs, which have considerable risks associated with them. I have experienced no side effects taking OsteoSine."
    - N. A., Providence, RI

    Letter from N.A. N.A.'s DEXA report Before using OsteoSine N.A.'s DEXA report After using OsteoSine

  • "Hooray my T score improved"- M. R., Seattle WA

    "I am 59 and I've been taking Osteosine for one year. I was very happy today when I compared my ultrasound ankle scan with last years scan. It shows a measurable improvement in the t-score. Thanks. I'm definitely going to keep exercising and taking this product. Today my t-score was -1.04 compared to -1.21 last year. I'd love it if I could get it back above -1.0." - M. R., Seattle WA

  • M. R. dexa scan results DexaScan report before taking OsteoSine DexaScan report after taking OsteoSine

  • Use Fosamax or OsteoSine? M.L's dexa scan results

    "My first DEXA showed osteopenia and osteoporosis. I began using HRT (veg. hormones) and Fosamax. My next DEXA showed considerable improvement! However, I stopped taking Fosamax because of side effects. The next DEXA showed some worsening of the readings, which concerned me. A friend told me about Osteosine. After taking it for a while, my next DEXA showed stability and even some improvement. I do still take veg. hormones." - M. L., Durango CO

  • M.L.'s dexa scan results

  • M. P.'s dexa scan results!

    "I was recently diagnose with osteopenia about a year ago and was told to go on Fosamax. After researching alternatives I settle on your product. My initial scan showed a BMD calculated at 126.6 mg/cc, T-score -1.81 and the Z-score of 0.12. My latest scan after taking OsteoSine showed mark improvement, BMD 1.051 g/cm, T-score -1.3 and Z-score 0.9. I am very satisfied with the results and would like to accept your offer of a 6 month supply of OsteoSine. M. P., Petersburg, VA." - M. P., Petersburg, VA

  • Feedback letter from OsteoSine user, M. p. DexaScan report before taking OsteoSine DexaScan report after taking OsteoSine

  • C. W.'s (RN) dexa scan results!

    "I am sending the T scores from my last 3 dexascans. I was alarmed with my spinal T score from 2006.
    In 2006, my T score for my spine was 1.8. Page 2
    In 2007, my T score for my spine was 2.1. Page 2
    I went on OsteoSine in Aug 2008. Oct 2008 the dexascan T score for my spine was 1.6!!! Page 6
    The T score for my hips remained the same.
    I researched for months and have found OsteoSine to be the most effective natural bone strengthening product around."
    - C. W. (RN), Hazlet NJ

  • Feedback letter from OsteoSine user, C. w. (RN) DexaScan report on Spine before taking OsteoSine DexaScan report on Hip (Left) before taking OsteoSine
    DexaScan report on Hip (right) before taking OsteoSine DexaScan report on Spine and Hip After taking OsteoSine DexaScan report on Spine and Hip After taking OsteoSine

  • B. B.'s dexa scan results!

    "I am attaching the last 2 DexaScan reports that I have had made - the last one showing results as 'stable'. I had taken Fosamax for over 12 years, but each year, my dexa scan continued to show decrease in bone density, until the last report, taken March 7, 2007. This report was taken after taking OsteoSine since November 2006. I was more than satisfied with the results and would like to continue taking OsteoSine and therefore am requesting a supply of 9 free bottles, as per your agreement." - B. B., Wilmore, KY

  • Feedback letter from OsteoSine user DexaScan report before taking OsteoSine DexaScan report AFTER taking OsteoSine

  • J. A.'s dexa scan results!
  • "I was looking for a natural alternative as my bone density test showed I was losing bone density every year. I have included for you the results of my last three years of testing so that you can see for yourself: by bone density has increased for the first time since getting these tests. This was after only one year on OstoSine." - J. A., Guelph, ON, Canada

    Letter from J.A. DEXA report, year 2005, Before using OsteoSine DEXA report, year 2006, Before using OsteoSine
    DEXA report, year 2007, After using OsteoSine

  • A. D.'s dexa scan results!
  • "Comparison: Overall bone mineral density (BMD) appears to have improved somewhat since the patient's prior DEXA exam."

    DEXA results including before and after taking OsteoSine

  • M. S.'s dexa scan results!

    As one would expect a 1-3% decrease in BMD in a woman of this age, this may reflect some therapeutic response to support."

  • DEXA report page 1 DEXA report page 2

  • B. Y.'s dexa scan results!

    "Here is my copy's. I am happy with the 2nd DEXA scan in that there is no change for the worse." - B. Y., Barnesville, OH

  • DEXA report before taking OsteoSine DEXA report after taking OsteoSine

  • D. F.'s dexa scan results!

    Bone density has increased in the femur by 9.7% and decreased in the spine by 4% since 10/05/04. Support for Osteoporosis is recommeneded, with follow-up bone density study in one year."

  • DEXA report before taking OsteoSine DEXA report after taking OsteoSine

    Learn more about about OsteoSine:
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    Description & Ingredients

    Background Info on Bone Health
    Efficacy & Safety Studies on OsteoSine

    OsteoSine FAQ


  • SleepWell™ helped with F. H.'s sleep quality and shortened the time to fall asleep!

    "Several months ago, I was at my wits end in my search for relief from years of insomnia. Then my luck suddenly changed radically as NuLiv and its product SleepWell crept into my life to become my special nighttime companion. Before this I would awaken four times each night and then spend one or two hours getting back to sleep. I needed naps to get me through the day.

    Now I wake up once during the night and at times not at all. Morning finds me refreshed and alert and I remain so all day long, no naps needed!

    So at last my days are more productive, my mood positive and my wife finds me quite bearable.

    All this, thanks to NuLiv and SleepWell~ "

    - F. H., Yucca valley, CA

  • SleepWell™ helped with Dr. H. R.'s sleep quality!

    "I recently went through a very difficult period of my life. One of my family members became very ill. I was sleeping very poorly.

    Using SleepWell allowed me to have sufficient sleep to function, as I needed, each day.

    - DR. H. R., Buford, GA

  • Learn more about SleepWell:
    Order SleepWell

    Product Description & Ingredients

    Background Info on Sleep Physiology
    Efficacy & Safety Studies on SleepWell

    SleepWell FAQ

  • Optimum Blood Sugar Support™ lowered R.A's Hba1c levels!

    Order Optimum Blood Sugar Support™

    Product Description & Ingredients


    OBSS Complex™ Ingredients


    The letters and reports posted on this page, which are sent by our customers, are the actual results issued by the hospitals and clinics that performed lab tests for these customers. The results shown include DEXA scan results, cholesterol levels and R.A's increasing hdl cholesterol naturally report. Hospitals and clinics listed do not endorse our products. These results may not be typical for users of our products. These letters and reports represent a small percentage of the total users who have bought and used our products. It is possible that you may or may not get similar results. Since we do not know if our products will produce similar results for everyone, according to FTC regulations, we must make the following statement:

    You should not expect to have similar results to those that are posted on this web page.

    The only assurance that we can offer is a 90 day money back guarantee program. Please see money back guarantee on our products. To encourage our users to find out if our products really work for them, we offer an 6 month supply of CardioXine™ and OsteoSine™. Most lab reports shown on this website were the result of such incentive program.

    OBPS™ supports healthy blood pressure levels
    OBSS™ Maintains Healthy Glucose Levels, Helps Increase Body's Sensitivity to Insulin and Helps Cells Become More Receptive to Insulin CardioXine™ Supports Normal 
Cholesterol, HDL, 
and LDL Levels
    OsteoSine, the Best Bone Builder to Manage Bone Loss and Osteoporosis
    SleepWell helps you have a Good Night's Sleep and a Refreshing and Energizing Morning.

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